out in the ocean .16

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 19.43.30.png
Into the brighter sea far away
with just you
Blue is the warmest colour ever since
you I knew 
Melted the ice so far behind
Holding me here
serene present and clear
Out in the ocean 
(the whispers and waves will keep us safe)
Out in the ocean
Into the deepest nights
When I feel so alive
And there’s fire in our wondering eyes
For you they stay
For you they compromise
(the whispers and waves will keep us safe)
-And I am high
Under the night sky
Until the day
It’s no surprise
That I will stay
And watch them pass by
Out in the ocean
 (the whispers and waves will keep us safe)
I’ll be by your side
Through all the tide is highs
We’ll Laugh away the day
We’ll laugh away the cries
We’ll sing tonight the way we wanted to
We’ll go to all the places
Yours mine old and new
Out in the ocean
(the whispers and waves will keep us safe)
out in the ocean

fading .17

Will we ever
Have the pleasure of meeting
In a month or two or three or ten
Do we make it happen
Or let it come our way or
Will everything ever so slowly
Fade away
Fade far away
I want to know
Will you marry her one day
Will you let it go?
Will we let it go
Let the feeling fade
Or will we let it unravel 
Like a delicate braid.
– I already miss your feigned arrogance
The way you’d wash away your own pretence
With your gentleman ways
That we see all too clear
Your calm kindness and
The way you made me feel
When you’d watch over my shoulder
But see the best in me
One minute a friend and next hidden dream
– The way you subtly but sweetly admire
Playfully winding me up
All the while lifting me higher
Relating to the romantic melodies and lines
on our playlist
Your favourites and mine
– The way it hurt holding your warmest gaze
Knowing the day was coming that I’d have to say
I’d had enough of the rest
But believe me you are the best
In a different way to
How you yourself would say
– So if it doesn’t work out
Though she seems pretty nice
We should give it a go
But for now
All my love & goodbye

connection .16

Click – connect




Waste time

Is it real?

Profiles overlooked

we see pixels not faces

we see pictures not places

And on time races

Don’t waste your time

remember mine

Remember what you love

At the end of the day they cannot compete

and will never be enough

So disconnect.

I’ll be your like

I’ll even be your love.

More than a button or notification

It will be worth while

The sun will shine

And we will be ours

Together. offline

You need to feel breathe


I’ll take you there

and we can share

this beautiful, wonderful world

It’s our selection don’t need to @mention

the word wide web:

live real connection

riverside .16

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.41.59

strolling along the river

sitting right at the edge

drinking my hot chocolate I

couldn’t give a care

cos we are free

(free to see, you and me, we are free)

in out we breathe

(you and me, you and me, you and me)

strolling along

moving on moving on we are free

singing our song

who cares where we belong we are free

we are free

At the river

watching it flow

see reflections change colour as we go

we go

ripple by ripple

step by step

strolling along

on and on